Sunday, December 8, 2013

iPad Infused Lesson

iPads are becoming more accessible for teachers and students. Some schools have a classroom set that can be checked-out and some teachers have taken the time and energy to write grants to have their own classroom iPad set. If iPads are available, there are a multitude of ways in which they can be incorporated into lessons across the curriculum.

Below is the final example of an Animoto project that was created with a lesson using a class set of iPads. The lesson plan can be viewed as an image and the final product is inserted below. The project is a novel summary of the novel, Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen.

Click HERE to download the lesson plan.

Touching Spirit Bear

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Future Technologies in the Classroom: QR Codes

QR Codes for the Periodic Table of Elements

Advancements in technology come at us at a rapid pace. As teachers, we cannot keep up with every single new technology. However, there are some emerging technologies that have a direct application to the classroom and can enhance learning and engagement. One of those technologies is Quick Response Codes, better known as QR codes. QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can be scanned by a smartphone or tablet and information becomes instantly available to the user.

QR codes have many practical and fun uses for the classroom. QR codes with videos and online interactive games can be put on inanimate objects and help bring them to life. QR codes can be put on classroom library books and students can scan the code to learn more about the book before choosing it to read. Students can create on their own codes to demonstrate their learning of any topic. The options to use QR codes and endless!

Scan these QR codes to find out more about using QR Codes in the classroom:

For those without scanning ability, here are links to the two websites:

Ways to Use QR Codes for Education

Click HERE to create your own QR Code!