Thursday, October 31, 2013

Technology System Screencast

Screencasts are videos showing what a user is doing on his/her computer. Some of the available resources for creating screencasts are Jing and Screenr. Screencasts can be very helpful in the classroom. If I assign homework that requires accessing an online resource, I can create a screencast to help guide students to the correct page. At the elementary level, I can create a screencast showing parents how to access different online educational tools.

For my screencast, I used Jing. I showed the viewer how to identify certain things on a computer. I use a Mac so this video shows how to do that on a Mac only. It would be different on a PC. I demonstrate how to find the type of operating system, the operating system version, the processor speed of the computer, the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM), the total size of the hard drive, and how much available space remains on the hard drive. Please access the video from the link below. Please see the video below:
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