Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo Story Video

A photo story video uses photographs sequenced in a certain order to tell a story, engage the learner, introduce a concept, or show learning on the part of the student. Either the teacher or the student can create photo stories. The teacher can use photo stories as an introduction to a lesson or as a different way to excite the students about a certain topic. Students can use photo stories as a different method to show what they have learned. For example, student can recreate key events in a novel and create a photo story to summarize the plot.

 The photo story I created is to be used as an aide in teaching about mathematical arrays. Arrays are a visual model used to solve multiplication problems. If I were to use this photo story in my class, I would use it after introducing the concept of math arrays. This video could be used as an introduction to a culminating project in which students would be assigned to find examples of multiplication arrays in their own homes. Please view the video below:

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