Monday, November 18, 2013

Digital Poster

A digital poster allows the user to combine multimedia elements, such as video, audio, images and graphics, into a digital poster available to view on the web. Glogster is a website in which students and teachers can create these digital posters. Glogster allows users to customize an existing template or to start from a blank template. Digital posters can be used as a tool in the classroom as a type of authentic assessment of learning. Instead of writing a paper or taking a test, students can combine all of their learned knowledge from a unit, or even from a semester, into a digital poster. It could also be something that is a work in progress so students can add to it as they cover that material.

I created a digital poster about Arbor Day. I will use this on the last Friday of April in my classroom during my Social Studies or Science time. I will bring it up and allow students to direct their learning by choosing which links to look at and at which time. This digital poster is a fun and interactive way to discuss a holiday that may not fit into the scheduled content. Please view the digital poster below, or click on the link to open in a new window.

Click HERE to open in a new window.

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