Sunday, November 10, 2013

YouTube Video Playlist

A classroom video playlist is a series of videos connected together to be viewed by students, parents, and/or colleagues. Video playlists can be created as you search and watch new videos. For example, on YouTube, scroll down under the video and you will see an “Add to” link. Click this and it will ask you which playlist to add to. You also can create a new playlist under this option. Once the playlist is created, it can be edited by clicking on the playlist title and then clicking “Edit Playlist.” Here, videos can be put in a certain order and/or removed. You can also edit the title of the playlist and add a description.

I created a video playlist on YouTube titled, “Renewable Energy Sources.” This playlist would be used in a science unit on natural resources. The video could be used as an introduction to renewable energy or can be used as a supplement to the textbook. The first video is my introduction video explaining what the students will view. Here, I also ask them to focus on a few essential questions. The second video is an overview of what a renewable energy source is. Following this video, the playlist contains five other videos highlighting renewable energy sources.

Please view the video playlist below:

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